Dessert Highlights
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Date Course Title Venue Tutor Type Status Language
01/03/2019Jodie's Bakery-Unicorn CakeTowngas Cooking CentreJodie AuCaEn
01/03/2019Cinderella’s Health Kitchen-Authentic Sweet Treats (2)Towngas Cooking CentreCinderella YauCaEn
06/03/2019Jodie's Bakery-British SconeTowngas Cooking CentreJodie AuCaEn
07/03/2019Cooking 101-Bakery-Muffins (Welcome to come with a friend) Towngas Cooking CentreJodie AuCaEn
08/03/2019ICDE- Short Term Courses-The Tropézienne Tart and the secrets of BriocheTowngas Cooking CentreChef Maxime MichelotEn
09/03/2019Cinderella’s Health Kitchen-Yoghurt BunsTowngas Cooking CentreCinderella YauCaEn
19/03/2019Jodie's Bakery-Raisin Sandwich BreadTowngas Cooking CentreJodie AuCaEn
21/03/2019Cooking 101-Bakery-Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Fougasse (Welcome to come with a friend) Towngas Cooking CentreJodie AuCaEn
22/03/2019ICDE- Short Term Courses-The Art of Chocolate Tempering & Chocolate-candied OrangesTowngas Cooking CentreChef Maxime MichelotEn
22/03/2019Cinderella’s Health Kitchen-Hi-Calcium Double CheesecakeTowngas Cooking CentreCinderella YauCaEn
25/03/2019Cinderella’s Health Kitchen-Chinese Almond Cookies Towngas Cooking CentreCinderella YauCaEn
29/03/2019Cinderella’s Health Kitchen-Buns with Buttercream and CoconutTowngas Cooking CentreCinderella YauCaEn
30/03/2019Fabulous Exclusive Training Experience by GREAT CHEFS - MOKATowngas Cooking CentreDemard AlexandreCaEn
04/04/2019Cooking 101-Bakery-Mini Black Forest Cakes(Welcome to come with a friend) Towngas Cooking CentreJodie AuCaEn
08/04/2019Cinderella’s Health Kitchen-Italian Easter BreadTowngas Cooking CentreCinderella YauCaEn
11/04/2019Cooking 101-Bakery-Orange Pound Cake (Welcome to come with a friend) Towngas Cooking CentreJodie AuCaEn
12/04/2019Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma- Short Term Courses-Chocolate Easter EggsTowngas Cooking CentreChef Maxime MichelotEn
12/04/2019Jodie's Bakery-Hot-Cross BunTowngas Cooking CentreJodie AuCaEn
13/04/2019Wok-Talk with Annie - Strawberry Frangipane TorteTowngas Cooking CentreAnnie WongCaEn
16/04/2019Picky Gourmet-Easter GubanaTowngas Cooking CentreMargaret FuCaEn