Cooking Centre Facilities

Cooking Centre Facilities

Towngas KIDchen

Towngas KIDchen is equipped with Mia Cucina kitchen cabinet with adjustable heights, so that adults and young kids can cook together with the built-in hobs with ease. To make the best use of this inspiring new facility, we are providing a series of Parent & Kid cooking classes, such as “lunchbox in lovely looks”, cupcake classes, to name a few. By cooking together, parents can foster the habit of flame cooking in their kids and, more importantly, this is a golden opportunity to enhance parent-child relationship! We have also invited Ms. Mary Cheung, Chairlady of the Professional Image & International Etiquette Institute to co-run the “Mary Cheung Manners & Etiquette Workshop” with us to teach the children cooking skills as well as table manner and etiquette!

Multi-Functional Theatre

Mastering the techniques of cookery excellence requires both a good grasp of theory as well as practice. Neither can be neglected. The Towngas Cooking Centre has a specially designed teaching zone where students can learn the most comprehensive range of culinary knowledge available anywhere.

To demonstrate the theoretical aspects, we have created a spacious and meticulously thought-out demonstration theatre. Its pleasant and comfortable environment can seat classes of 40 students as they learn from experienced instructors and exchange cookery ideas with one another. Besides excellent acoustics and a theatre-style seating system with the lowest tiers at the front, a camera installed on top of the rostrum projects every step the instructor takes at the demonstration table onto two large screens flanking the rostrum. No matter where they sit, students never miss a single move of the fascinating culinary demonstrations!

Practical Room A

The roomy practical classroom allows up to 25 students to cook simultaneously. The room can also be separated into two classrooms that can accommodate 10 and 14 students respectively for different events and activities.

To create an intimate cookery atmosphere, each student has an individual worktop, cookware and stove. In addition, the most common kitchenware items are deliberately used during the classes, so that students can cook just as proficiently when they return home to their own kitchens.

Practical Room B

Towngas Cooking Centre has been expanded with the city's most eye-catching practical room with 16 independent work areas for the Disciples Escoffier programmes. Students can pursue the most reputable culinary diploma programmes, learn from the most respectable master teachers in the finest culinary practical room!