Multitasted Chicken


Chicken1 (1600 g)


Light soy sauce2 Tbsp
Salt and sesame oil1/2 tsp each
Sugar1 tsp
Zanthoxylum seeds8
Star aniseeds8
Dried tangerine peel1/4
Ginger4 slices


1Defeather and paunch the chicken clean, remove viscera, wash it clean, scald in boiling water, take out and blow dry in the air.
2Heating 2 Tbsp of oil in an earthen pot, saute ginger slices, put the chicken into shallow-fry and turn over, add all seasonings, pour 1/2 cup of water into stir well, bring them to boil over high heat, reduce the fire to mild heat, braise them until the sauce is drying up, take the chicken out, cool it, cut into pieces and arrange them into the shape of a chicken for serving.
The chicken used for Multitasted Chicken can be replaced by fast-frozen chicken legs. But when using such legs, it is better to add ginger and spring onions into the boiling water for scalding so as to remove their exotic smell.