Fish Fillets with Water Spinach


Water spinach480 g
Garoupa fillets240 g
Scallion2 sprigs
Carrot and gingerseveral slices each
Garlic2 cloves
Wine1 tsp
Oil2 Tbsp


Salt1/2 tsp
Wine and potato starch1 tsp each
Sugar1/4 tsp
Egg white1 Tbsp
Pepper powdera dash
Oil1 Tbsp


light soy sauce and potato starch1/2 tsp each
Water1 Tbsp
Seasame oilseveral drops


1Clean the water spinach whole, tear up into lengths; cut both the carrot and ginger into flowery slices; cut up the scallion into lengths; peel and chop the garlic.
2Cut the fillets into 6 cm coarse strips, mix well with the marinade and let stand still for a while.
3Heating plenty of oil, scald the fish fillets in oil till 80% done, scoop out and strain oil off.
4Heating 1 Tbsp of oil, saute the chopped garlic, dump the water spinach in, sprinkle with a dash of water and salt, stir-fry till done and transfer to a plate.
5Heating 1 Tbsp of oil, saute the scallion lengths and discard them, add ginger and carrot, put the fish fillets back to the wok, sprinkle with wine, stir-in the well mixed thickenings, arrange the mixture on top of the water spinach to serve.
Saute the scallion lengths and then discard them will make the fish fillets taste better.