Fish Bladder Casserole


Swim bladder of big head(approx. 320 g)
Dried mushrooms(approx. 40 g)
Bamboo shoot(approx. 40 g)
Green bell pepper(cut diagonally) 1/2 no.
Red bell pepper(cut diagonally) 1/2 no.
Ginger (cut diagonally)6 slices
Garlic6 cloves


Oyster sauce1 tbsp
Soya sauce1 tsp
Cornstarch1 tsp
Water4 tbsp
Shaoxing wine4 tsp
Salt1/2 tsp
Peppera little


1Wash swim bladder. Cut open. Use 2 tsp. lime water and 2 cups of water and soak for half an hour.
2Rinse well with water. Wash and drain. Cook swim bladder with oil, salt and water until just cooked.
3Soak dried mushrooms until soft. Mix with a little soya sauce. Cut bamboo shoot into wedges.
4Heat casserole. Saute ginger and garlic. Add mushrooms and bamboo shoot. Stir fry well.
5Add green and red pepper, fish bladder. Add sauce and wine. Stir well. Serve in casserole.