Assorted Crispy Treasures


Dried white fish50 g
Shelled peanuts200 g
Self-raising flour1 cup
Spiced salt1 tsp


Shaoshing wine1 Tbsp


1Bring 2 cups water to the boil, add dried white fish and Shaoshing wine, simmer for 15 min until soft, drain.
2Soak peanuts in hot water for a while, remove the skin.
3Preheat oven at 160?, roast peanuts for 10 min until light golden and crispy, remove to cool.
4Heat 1/2 wok of oil, coat dried white fish lightly with self-raising flour, deep-fry until light golden and crispy, remove and mix with spiced salt.
5Mix fish and peanuts together, serve as snack.
To prepare spiced salt: Dry-fry 1 Tbsp salt in the wok until hot, sprinkle 1/4 tsp five spice powder to mix. Ready to use.