Apple Crumble (for 4 portions)


Apple Filling Ingredients:
apples (peeled and diced)4
unsalted butter45 g
water110 ml
raisins22 g
sugar55 g
Butter Crumble:
icing sugar20 g
unsalted butter40 g
cake flour90 g
baking soda1 g
Garnish:vanilla gelato4 scoops


1Stir fry the diced apple with 45g butter. Add sugar, raisins and water. Stir the mixture and bring to the boil. Set aside.
2Mix the butter crumble ingredients together till it resembles breadcrumbs.
3Put the cooked apple into a baking ramekin and cover with the butter crumble on top.
4Preheat the oven to 220? Bake till the crumble is golden brown in colour.
5Serve with vanilla gelato to heighten the contrast between heat and coldness.
* Choose crunchy apples as filling because the texture of the apple is the key to this dessert. * Add some white wine when cooking the apple for an extra layer of taste.

Kenneth's Stylish Recipes
Author : Kenneth Chan
Publisher : Seashore Publishing Company