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【Precautionary Measures for COVID-19】


As the COVID-19 epidemic has remained severe, Towngas Cooking Centre will continuously adopt the precautionary measures below👇🏻

☑️ Adopt Nano-photocatalyst disinfection to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and provide protection for up to 3 months
☑️ All teachers and students are required to wear surgical masks and measure body temperature before entering the centre
☑️ Complete a health declaration before classes
☑️ Use Champion disinfectant spray for whole-body disinfection
☑️ Disinfection carpet has been installed at the entrance of centre
☑️ Students must keep a distance with each other during cooking demonstration. Students must work individually at their own stations
☑️ Sneeze guards have been installed between stations
☑️ All cooking utensils have been washed under high temperature. The centrewill also step up cleaning and disinfection of public areas. Moreover, classrooms and stations will be cleaned thoroughly after classes
☑️ Alcohol sanitizers and hand washes will be provided for students during classes
☑️ Protective face shields and disposable gloves will be provided for students if needed
☑️ In-class food tasting will be cancelled and replaced with takeaways
If students feel sick or visited the epidemic areas, it is suggested they should not attend any classes. Thank you for your cooperation! Let's fight the virus and enjoy the classes!