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Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma Programs offered by Master of French Gastronomy


Disciples Escoffier (Website: https://escoffier.towngascooking.com/home), a French association that brings all the distinguished chefs around the world together, partners with Towngas Cooking Centre, the largest cooking school in Hong Kong, to offer courses in traditional French cooking - Disciples Escoffier Diploma in Culinary Arts & Disciples Escoffier Diploma in Pastry.
Not only is this Diploma programme famous for master chefs’ participation, past courses offered by Disciples Escoffier have always been rated as one of the top programmes in the culinary world. Students will learn from basic knife skills to master the art of French cuisine step by step.
During the programme, students have had the chance to interact with a number of culinary professionals, including some Michelin-star chefs. Students have also interned at prestigious French restaurants in Hong Kong.

Students will also be issued the “\National Diploma in French Cuisine or Pastry”, which is fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education. This is the first time Disciples Escoffier issues the Grand Diploma in Asia. With Grand Diploma, Students are granted the qualification to pursue as a professional cook or open restaurants in France.



It is such a professional programme, rarely held in Hong Kong that is suitable for a novice cook. It will also be a good choice for those who cannot fly to take overseas courses. Grab your chance while available!

Towngas Cooking Centre strives to offer good quality flame cooking experience and training, and this partnership with Disciples Escoffier will take the experience to a whole new level. Towngas Cooking Centre has been expanded with the city's most eye-catching practical room with 16 independent work areas for the Disciples Escoffier Programmes. Students can pursue the most reputable culinary diploma programmes, learn from the most respectable master teachers in the brand new culinary practical room!


• Graduates with the “Level 5 National Diploma in French Cuisine or Pastry” are qualified to open restaurants in France

• Learn interactively from Michelin-starred chefs or celebrity chefs

• No need to fly overseas

• Well-equipped venue with professional facilities in the training classroom of Towngas Cooking Centre

• Targeted and comprehensive personalised coaching throughout the whole programme

Let's enjoy the memorable moment of Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma Programmes

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[Video] https://www.facebook.com/295307940674060/videos/546740912197427/

[Programme Introduction Video] https://youtu.be/rMN_AXXCBYY


Disciples Escoffier Diploma in Pastry Programme is a comprehensive training programme on the interpretation of traditional, classic and regional French pastry recipes and their contemporary adaptation worldwide. Practical training is conducted by well accomplished French master pastry chefs on the advanced and creative use of simple pastry ingredients. Graduates will be awarded the “Level 5 National Diploma in French Cuisine or Pastry” administered by the French Ministry of Education.


-  Offers comprehensive training on the interpretation of traditional, classic and regional French pastry recipes such as petits fours, millefeuille, gâteaux de voyage, etc.

-  Enables students to master classic French techniques and adapt them worldwide with a contemporary vision.

 - Introduces practical training where skills, creativity and practice are key towards learning French pastry.

 - Is composed of 480 hours of intensive training with renowned and accomplished pastry chefs.

 - Advanced use of ingredients turning simple ingredients into masterly presentation and cooking styles.

 - Opens professional doors in pastry boutiques, restaurants and hotels upon completion of the programme.

Be recognised for your pastry making talent and passion!


Course Duration : 480 hours
Venue: Towngas Cooking Centre
The programme will be conducted in English



Disciples Escoffier Diploma in Culinary Arts is a specialized professional programme in traditional French culinary training, designed for French food lovers, epicureans and restaurants owners-to-be. Graduates will be awarded the ““National Diploma in French Cuisine or Pastry”” administered by the French Ministry of Education.



-  Introduces traditional French culinary techniques and knowledge from professional knife handling, French culinary terms, kitchen safety to advanced cooking skills.

-  Offers practical training and demonstration with French Michelin-starred and master chefs.

-  Incorporates recipes from Le Guide Culinaire by Auguste Escoffier, the Chef of the chefs.

-  From product origins and regional influences, knowledge is acquired on the combination of different ingredients and sauces, cooking of rare produces and plating techniques, etc.

-  Recognised accolade for career development in restaurants, hotels or restaurant operation in France.


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn authentic French culinary art from the award-winning master chefs!

Course Duration: 540 hours
Venue: Towngas Cooking Centre
The programme will be conducted in English



French food lovers or restaurant owners-to-be now have the authentic French culinary and pastry courses designed for you in Hong Kong. The new intakes of the Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma Programmes are NOW open for enrolment!


For enquiry and enrolment, please call Towngas Cooking Centre at 2576 1535 or 6387 3157(Office hours: 9am-7pm) and contact us by email via towngas.cooking@towngas.com.